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Meet Your Host Mindy Totten, Creator of The Bodywork Project 

I’m Mindy Totten, LMBT, CST-D, and your guide on the journey to a full, thriving bodywork practice. If you’re struggling to turn your passion for bodywork into a successful business, I’m here to help!  

Over the last 15+ years running a full time CranioSacral Therapy practice in the small town of Wilmington, North Carolina, I’ve built a sustainable business that generates well over 6 figures of revenue per year, working just 4 days a week.  

The best part? I get to spend more time with my husband, hanging out at the beach with George the Wonderdog.  

When bodywork therapists started asking me how I built this thriving practice in such a small town, I realized that the biggest reason they were struggling to survive was they were depending on their certifications and hands-on skills to bring in the clients.  

But the skills you learned in massage school are not the same skills you need to build a successful business.  

If you’re dreaming of a business that works for you and your life, relying on cutesy business cards or Groupon discounts isn’t going to cut it. That’s why I’m thrilled to host this Masterclass series with real therapists who are building profitable, sustainable practices - to share exactly what works.  

You do great work in the world. You deserve to make a great living doing it. 

About The Speakers

AMBER COOK, LMT Uplevel Your Business Through Community + Support 

Amber is a holistic health crusader-- a massage therapist, energy healer, and the creator of Healing Waze. She is dedicated to helping holistic professionals succeed.


MELINDA LOO, LMT The 4 Pillars of Success

A successful massage therapist and coach, Melinda enjoys imparting her wisdom to others interested in being healthy, happy, successful, and more connected with their optimal self.


SAVANNA BELL, LMT Sell a Solution, Not a Modality

Savanna is the owner of MyMassageWorld.com, which focuses on providing marketing content and business education to help massage therapists build successful businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible.


SAMANTHA STRICKLAND, PT Creating Your Ideal Practice

Sam has 22 years of PT experience, performing therapy in the inpatient, outpatient, and home health settings. Sam opened Ultimate Therapy in 2008 with a desire to provide quality one-on-one patient care. 


AMANDA COOKE, RMT Change Your Mindset, Change Your Practice

Amanda and her husband are the owners of ConEd Institute in Toronto as well as the Hosts of the Massage Therapy Podcast- 2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone.


REBECCA BRUMFIELD, LMT Get Specific to Get More Clients

Rebecca has created a thriving, empowering, and supportive community of bodyworkers who nourish and encourage each other to be total badasses and be a super rockstar in their healing abilities! 


Join Us May 13 - 15, 2019 


Real conversations with professional massage and bodywork therapists who have cracked the code to creating a practice that sustains not only your soul, but also your bottom line.